We are not going to turn your business model upside down. Nor tell you to disrupt yourself and invent “the next Uber”. We won’t even try to convince you to “revolutionise” your product.

We’d much rather help you uncover or imagine something interesting to say about your product, your company or maybe even your people.

And then work together rolling it out to make your marketing better.

We work as a collaborative studio, forming tailored teams of creative and media specialists to deliver something interesting for your project.
Some of our collaborators

Our team

Marek Birchley

Co-founder, Strategist & Creative

Marek has spent over a decade working within advertising and branding. He’s been called, ”super fresh”, ”inconveniently correct” and ”absurdly productive”. In the last few years these skills have helped him co-found a brain cancer foundation, win some Cannes lions, lead the brand at Hemnet and even make a creativity app.

Charlotte Birchley

Co-founder, CMO, Advisor

Startups and media are where Charlotte has spent the last decade. Having been the fifth employee at unicorn iZettle and CMO at Qapital, she has become the go-to gal for tech marketing help. Wickedly sharp and thoroughly thoughtful, she knows how to build a brand, its team and communications from the ground up.
Second Wind is a marketing studio that develops idea-based branding to position organisations for their next phase of growth.
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Second Wind is on hiatus while founders Marek & Charlotte pursue ventures with ClimateView and Stravito.

Take care.