Our Narratives

We create insight-based brand ideas to express your positioning. It makes your marketing better by executing a brand strategy and creating differentiated product messaging.

Strategically, a narrative builds longterm brand positioning. Creatively, a narrative makes you memorable. Operationally, a narrative makes day-to day marketing better.
Great Minds Think Alike

Traditional “executive networking” firms promise a group of like-minded careerists. That makes no sense to successful leaders who understand diversity of opinion rules.

From this insight, we created a new brand idea, visual identity and communications concept for Leaders Alliance. It all comes together on the new website with a concept that shakes up category generic messaging.

“It’s fresh, beautiful, premium, alive, edgy. Everything we wanted!” 
– Carl-Johan Marköö, CEO

The Brain Is Where

An attack on the brain (a tumour) is an attack on your personality, identity, your soul. It changes the core of who you are and it is devastating to the person, their family and friends.

We used this idea to soften but at the same time focus on the emotional blow that a brain tumour makes. We do what we do because we believe the brain is where the heart lives.

We co-founded the charity that has 7 years later raised $millions$ for young brain cancer patients and is working to change the odds for the future.

“Our brand, our story has been fundamental to our success” 
– Liz Dawes, CEO

Put More Insights

Every global organisation has customer-centricity as a strategic pritority. Formulating the strategy is easy. Executing insight driven decisions on a daily basis isn’t. Clunky enterprise tech weren’t simple enough for everyday use and powerful enough for a large complex organisation. It was precisely here that Stravito sets it stake in the ground.

Since 2018, we’ve given colour to Stravito’s positioning with various messaging concepts in campaigns, sales material and website iterations (with design expression done internally).

“Every delivery impacts the business” 
– Thor Olof Philogène, CEO

Coding Business

It’s human nature to believe we can predict and anticipate the future. Unfortunately, behavioural sciences have proven we’re terrible at it. Decades of failed I.T projects are just further evidence. So when you’re building a new digital product or service. When you’re trying to find a path in the unknown. It would be crazy to not prototype your way forward. 

We helped define Prototyp as a Code Lab, a new kind of experimental digital product workshop. And with that a whole range of messaging and collateral to bring the story to life.


“Creative and full of heart” 
– Tobias Bard, CEO

Second Wind is a marketing studio that develops idea-based branding to position organisations for their next phase of growth.
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Second Wind is on hiatus while founders Marek & Charlotte pursue ventures with ClimateView and Stravito.

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