Challenge Accepted

We specialise in helping SMEs, challengers and growth companies find and own a differentiated position to make their marketing better. Our phone rings and inbox plings in the following situations…

We don’t stand out amongst our competitors. Help!
Research in the UK showed that of the thousands of marketing messages we see each day, we only briefly recall 11%. And only 4% of those have a positive recollection.
Differentiation is our holy grail. We avoid category generic messages and look for interesting, motivating insights that help you get noticed and remembered.
Our design agency delivered a beautiful new brand pack. Now what?
Even with a new visual identity, many marketers find themselves faced with a blank paper. It’s fresh, but what does it say? How does it position you for growth?
We help brands complement their visual identity with a conceptual narrative. That means you have a strong toolkit to fully communicate and build your positioning on.
Our marketing isn't scaling growth like it once did.

Are you bringing a hockeystick to a gun-fight? 

Growth companies seem to have the wind in their backs until… they don’t.

There’s a point where category generics and pure product messaging doesn’t cut it anymore. To grow like the incumbents you’re challenging, you need to build a brand on a clear and interesting position.

Let's get your story straight
Create something
from nothing
Lift your marketing
to the next level
Build long-run
brand associations
Second Wind is a marketing studio that develops idea-based branding to position organisations for their next phase of growth.
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Second Wind is on hiatus while founders Marek & Charlotte pursue ventures with ClimateView and Stravito.

Take care.