Position your brand with a narrative 

You’ve seen the hype.
And read ‘the’ playbook

It’s EASY to create a brand in the digital age...

A few product USPs here.
Some agile plans there

And presto. Your brand grows

Well, it’s not that easy…
(even if all those bloggers say it is)

How many ads did you see today?

How many Sponsored Posts did you scroll passed without blinking?

All generic category messages.
Boring content made for robots...

Marketers are realising working agile means less effectiveness in the long run

Building a brand takes time and consistency…

But mostly… it takes visibility and attention

Which involves more than
a beautiful logo and colour palette

You need to stick a stake in the ground.
And do it in an interesting way

To tap into peoples’ motivations and turn their heads

Over and over and

That’s why we create brands

Deeper than visual identities.
Bigger than taglines

Our Narratives are

that position your brand for growth.

And points all your marketing in the right direction.

We partner with startups, SMEs and challenger brands to make their marketing better.

Clients past and present
Second Wind is a marketing studio that develops idea-based branding to position organisations for their next face of growth.
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